Friday, July 11, 2008


I've mentioned before that my youngest son is home from college
on summer break. When he came home from work the other
day, he had a fascinating bug in his hand, which he found on
some foliage outside. I'll have to admit, it's been a while since
I've had a bug in a glass jar on the kitchen counter, but we had
to get a better look at this unusual guy! His tail was curled up like
a scorpion. After looking online, we decided that he was an assassin
bug. Venomous saliva is pumped into his victim through his beak.
Ick! Not only that, but if he bites a human, it can be very painful
and cause an allergic reaction. So, after we took a few photos,
through the glass, Mr. Assassin was escorted back outside, by
Manor Security.


  1. Love that photo! I would not like to meet that guy without glass between us. Here's hoping Manor Security escorted him to the property line.

  2. I've never heard of the assassin
    bug. Isn't nature just full of strange and fascinating creatures.

    Willow, I'm honored to have been added to your blog roll. I have done the same for Life At Willow Manor. The circle grows.

  3. Ewwwwwww! I guess all God's creatures have their purpose one way or another. Glad he did not bite you son!

  4. Didn't know where scuttlebutt came from though I knew what it meant.
    We live and learn.
    Thank you!
    As regards the bug, I had a fit in Morocco when we had a scorpion in the courtyard.
    I had never heard of the assassin bug.

  5. GULP! A very eerie picture of your short-term visitor.

  6. I've never heard of him either! I wonder if any poor previous manor owners met their untimely death by way of the Assassin!? I thought it was a praying mantis at first with those legs! And a beak? Fascinating...I hope he doesn't travel southwest! :)

    Willow, my husband said "Knock it off" to Spencer this evening (rightly deserved, of course!) and I immediately thought of your etymology. Maybe you could add it to your list for your weekly word (or phrase!)

  7. Betsy, "knock it off" is a good one...I'll put it on my Willow's Weekly Word list!

  8. Goodness Willow...he's a wicked looking character...I got a chuckle out of mod girl...taking him to the property line :) a good idea....

  9. Well a shudder just went down my spine!It looks almost like a praying mantis. Not my favourite creature when they are flying across a room during the summer months.

  10. You are a brave lady, Willow. I would have been on the other side of the room even with the bug behind glass. Very like a praying mantis though, isn't it?

    I've posted your award and sent it off to 5 worthy recipients. Thanks again!


  11. After reading up on the evil little fella, weren't you glad he didn't bite youngest son?

  12. Good thing you do background checks at the Manor...otherwise you might have found yourself bugged.....

  13. David, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'm honored. Like Kat said, I am extending my branches. ;)

  14. Kat, you are very welcome. Your lovely poetry is a joy to read. I'm addicted!

  15. Stevie, you are too funny, you witty, witty girl!!!

  16. Betsy, I know! I'm glad it didn't bite either one of us. I'm fascinated by interesting insects and really didn't think anything about handling it. Whew.

  17. how brave of you to let him go on willow manor. after keeping him captive in a jar, he may be laying in wait for a human hand to peck. i'm thinking he's camped out near the snake-laden mailbox. smile! and i loved the "willow security" comment. too funny!

  18. The picture looks like a praying mantis, but, I'm no expert on etomology. I like the post though....and the name....assassin could make a good movie!

  19. Oh, my gosh--he's a combination of ominous looking and very elegant! I don't know that I'd like to come cross him myself, though...


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