Thursday, June 5, 2008

Raindrops, Roses and Bob

Are any of you out there as crazy about Robert Osborne as I am? I
watch a lot of the Turner Classic Movies channel. At the end of a
busy day it is so comforting to have the dashing and upbeat Bob there
to introduce the evening's eight o'clock movie. He is the consummate
blend of friendliness and sophistication. And he always looks so
handsome and put together in his classy suit and tie. Not only is he
there before the movie, but he comes back to chat with me about it
when it's over! How nice is that? I hate to admit it, but when I watch
a DVD from my own collection, I feel a tad lonely when it’s over,
because he is not there to add his intriguing comments. Here's to
you, Bob. Thanks for sharing so many evenings with me, dear friend.
You are right up there with raindrops on roses.


  1. Hmmmm....I don't know Bob, but I think he should meet my mother....

  2. He does always have interesting anecdotes about actors and directors and the movies themselves. That's a nice photo of him there! Lovely tribute to him, Willow!

  3. I so agree! He has the warmest way about him. I like his slightly surprised look and tone as he describes movies, almost as if he has just discovered them for himself. I think my dad is even a bigger fan than me.

  4. Here, here! I so agree, and I'm not even a huge movie buff. Many evenings we sit down to TCM -- I always enjoy listening to Robert even if I'm not interested in the movie.

    One thing that has so impressed me about him is that before he was chatting with us about film history on TCM he was a world renown film scholar of his own right. How rare it is to find an academic-scholar-type who possesses such a graceful, dignified, articulate, and personable camera presence!

  5. Willow...I feel the same way. His tone of voice and gentle ways just make him seem like an old friend...I do enjoy TCM as well...bit of nostalgia going on when I watch...Nice photo of Bob

  6. He is very handsome. Here we have Barry Ronge, who is our own homegrown movie commentator and he is a treat. Oh, and the new pic of Thatchwick is still the old thatch. I am, as they say, still in process. And what a process it is. Will post pics this weekend of just how messy the job is. But the new grass smells wonderful - of the veld (our equivalent of prairies, I suppose), of sunshine and African nights! Love Eleanor

  7. I don't know this bloke either, but he looks rather urbane, in the way that Cary Grant did. That word seems to come from another era doesn't it?

  8. sorry, Willow, never heard of him. Is he on YouTube by any chance?

  9. Mmm, there's not much on YouTube on him, but if you outclick on his name in the body of my post, it will direct you to his TCM site biography.

  10. BPG, yes, that is a perfect description of that slightly surprised and excited look as he talks about the films! He's too cute.

    Cabacurl, yes, he is very urbane and graceful in a Cary Grant sort of way, but maybe a bit more on the shy side.

    MG, he is a scholar in his own right and extremely knowlegable. TCM is lucky to have him!

    Eleanor, I can't wait to see pix of your new thatch!

  11. I love the stories he tells about behind the scenes events. His commentary makes a classic even more interesting.

    BTW, does anyone else out there love the graphics that TMC uses. I love the film noir quality of their advertisements.

  12. Stevie, yes!! I am crazy about their great ads and graphics. Have you seen that 100 Years at the Movies that they often play? It's so cool!

  13. Robert Osborne... what a classy guy; yet he appears he would be very easy to converse with....
    The Bach

  14. this made me think about how when i was a single mom for 18 years i would sometimes go to the movies by myself which i thoroughly enjoyed. but it was sad on the way home to not have someone to discuss the movie with.


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― O. Henry (and me)