Monday, May 12, 2008

Stormy (and under the) Weather

The tornado sirens went off yesterday afternoon and we spent
a few minutes down in our old cellar. It is a little bit of an ordeal,
because the floor of our family room is built over the old cellar steps
that was once only accessible from the outside. So we have to
pull up a big door in the floor to get down there. Fortunately, the
storm passed through quickly and I don't think any tornadoes actually
touched down. There was quite a bit of thunder through the night.
When the sound hits the riverbed, it echos like huge artillery fire.
And to add to the excitement, I am sick! I was healthy as can be all
flu season long, without even a sniffle. Today, I have a fever, sore
throat, aches and the snuffs. So, I am planting myself in my favorite
old cushy kitchen chair, in my wool slippers and flannels, with my
books, magazines, tea and cough drops for the rest of the day. The
doctor also ordered a healthy dose of The Sound of Music, to be
taken later in the afternoon.


  1. Oh Willow... I hope you do feel well again very soon. Being sick is the pits. It sounds like you have surrounded yourself with your favourite things. :) I'm sure Julie's dulcet tones will have you feeling better before long.

    How scary about the tornadoes! We are not in tornado territory, so this all sounds quite alarming, as I'm sure it is for you.

    Lovely lilies!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon !
    xo, S & Winnie Dixon

  3. Bless your heart Willow...I'm so sorry your sick...Yes...I am a "bless your heart" kind of lady :) The storm experience sounds a little frightening...if not for fear of the tornado..I love a good healthy storm..thunder, lightening, hard rain and wind...I hope you'll be feeling well real soon...Dee Dee

  4. Here's hoping you're up and about, and feeling spry very soon.

  5. Willow...when you are feeling up to it...take another peak at my blog today...I changed the will be surprised :)
    Dee Dee

  6. I'm so glad to say tornadoes are not something that happens in Oregon! Must be frightening for you.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon...sounds like the doctor ordered just the thing!

  7. Oh, man--hope you're feeling much better again soon. Great photo to describe your self-prescription! Rest up. Glad to hear you were ok during the storms--it sounded scary. My heart goes out to anyone with tornado scares--we had tornadoes here in the Raleigh area of NC a number of years ago and it was devastating. Things can change in an instant and I'm grateful we were all ok.

  8. Oh! So sorry to hear you feel ill, Willow! Wish I was nearby to bring over some chicken soup and a new magazine for you to read. Hope you feel better soon!

    So scary about all the bad tornados this spring! Glad none touched down near you...stay safe!

    Hugs, Pat

  9. Get well soon! Because I work with 5yo kids, I catch EVERYTHING communicable. I hope I'm done for the year.

    I'm glad you're safe and have a cellar to run to. Be safe!

  10. Have attempted to:

    a) order tornadoes away from your vicinity
    b) summon good health for you
    c) get a special hot chocolate home-delivered to your door and
    d) asked for several good novels to be brought for your perusal

  11. Willow, I hope you are feeling better now that you have had a good afternoon dose of Julie. If she isn't quite doing it for you try my pep-up, Fiddler on the Roof. Tevye singing "If I Were A Rich Man" does it for me every time.

    On the subject of tornadoes, our neighborhood weather siren went off twice Saturday night after 12 pm. Up and down the basement steps I went. The second time I fell asleep in the chair with my feet propped up on the rocker with a pillow covering me with the tv news on. I woke up at 4 pm and went back to bed.

  12. Thanks, All, for all your kind well wishes! Your smiles have done wonders for my current state.

    David, thank you so much for your attempts a-d! Especially c.


    Stevie, Julie helped some, but I'll give Tevye a try tomorrow. ;)

    Glad to hear the tornados missed you, too. Scary.

  13. Willow, I hope the worst is all over, and order has been restored to the Willow Manor environs. As for you...take good care of yourself...the first days are critical to stave off anything worse. Pamper yourself and load up on the vitamin C. Hope you are your healthy self ere long!

    Best wishes for speedy recovery,

  14. Sounds like a perfect way to spend you day…sick though you maybe.

    Enjoying some of your favorite things...okay I am corny too :>0

    Love that music.

    Get better, prayers are going up!

  15. Your description sounds like you are suffering from allergies. I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

  16. Oh, No! I hope you feel better soon...Spring and summer colds are the pits....Glad you made it safely through the awful storms...We have a trap door in the floor to our cellar/basement that is also a pain to get to.... have been down there several times since we've lived in this old house...We've been through one actual tornado here and mercifully, this 112 year old house withstood all the flying debris and downed trees...Sending you cyber-chicken soup and lots of hot tea!

  17. Hope you're feeling better today. I got my DVD's of The Tudors first series today, can't wait to start watching soon :-)

  18. the worst part of a bad stormy day is being sick during it...hope you're all better now! David asked me to drop by, he knows I love a good storm and a good story to go with it!

  19. Hope you are feeling better, Willow. My husband would suggest the old sock remedy but I won't.


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