Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Well, my Great Aunt Neva (short for Geneva) and Uncle Henry
took the train on their trip out west in about 1912. She was the
sister of Palestine, who I have mentioned in earlier posts. Neva is
especially dear to me because I wear her beautiful rose gold diamond
engagement ring on the pinkie finger of my right hand. Aunt Winnie,
her sister, gave it to me after she passed away in 1971, just a few
weeks away from her 92nd birthday. I remember her home, in
northern Indiana, being beautifully decorated with an exquisite
collection of antiques. One in particular, was a Czech communion set
in the shape of an egg, with a decanter filled with sherry and six little
cups inside. My aunt and uncles liked to sneak a wee nip when she
wasn’t looking! Aunt Neva was a gracious hostess and a wonderful
inspiration to me. I’m not sure what happened to that communion set.
I should find one for my home just as a tribute to the stolen nips.


I will be traveling for a few days and will miss all of my dear blogging
friends! There will be much to share when I return.

Ta-ta...I'll be back soon!


  1. What a wonderful treasure trove of family pictures and anecdotes...

    Buon viaggio Willow!

  2. I love Geneva's walking skirt! Such a great picture and wonderful story about the communion set...Talk about a great conversation piece!

    Safe journery to you Willow....

  3. Bon voyage ! Hope you'll be taking your camera. xo S & Winn Dixon

  4. Goodness, my spelling is dreadful these days...JOURNEY of course..LOL!!

  5. Willow...You have such wonderful old photos of your family and beautiful stories to tell...I enjoy hearing each and every one of them...

    I wish you good travel mercies my friend...Dee Dee

  6. Another beautiful photo. I am one of those people who can look at old photos (even of people I never met) for hours, because they're fascinating to me. I like to see their clothing styles, what they're doing, carrying, the cars and houses in the background,etc. Have a good trip and safe travels.

  7. Willow, your ancestors had the most interesting names. Palestine and Geneva...please do share with us any others. Was it a family custom to name children after locales?

    I nearly named my daughter Geneva, it was on the list of potential names....

    THis picture is a classic. They both look quite excited in their expressions...travelling was as much a thrill then as it is now, perhaps even more so as the trips back then tended to be of a longer duration...One really must have felt that one was getting away from it all...

    My goodness, we are all off on travels in blogland lately. I'm shortly going to post my 'farewell for a while' post too.

  8. Well you left us with a stunning post that was both interesting and the photo was marvelous.

  9. Wonderful stuff. Great blog Willow - a nice change from the 'usual stuff' I find on many blogs. Safe journey. x

  10. Bon Voyage, Adieu, Hasta la vista baby! Have a great trip!

  11. What a history! You are so lucky to even be aware of it!!!!! Have a good trip!

    M ^..^

  12. I am just getting back on line when everyone is leaving!!! Go figure. Have a great trip. My wife leaves for S. Carolina next week to visit our son and his family. I'll probably put in the yard or clean the garage. Take care.

  13. Very nice... Willow, very nice...
    Have a nice day

  14. Hope you are having a wonderful trip! Your blog entries are always great to read. So will miss you while away. Talking of British royals, I am sure you saw Judi Dench in "Mrs Brown"? She makes a great Victoria with her widow's weeds slipping just a tiny bit in the face of a hardy Scot.
    I received my education in English history at school with a great teacher and at home reading the historical novels of Jean Plaidy!
    See you soon! Love Eleanor

  15. Willow, this simply isn't fair! Both you and Lavinia leave the same time, along with some other bloggers. Is their some tea everyone's been invited to or something? :) How am I going to manage without these blogs to refer to and to look forward to the comments?

    Well, have a good trip but rush back here the day you get back home! No, really, enjoy. Your faithful following will be waiting int the wings.

  16. Hi there!
    Just found your BEAUTIFUL blog while searching for info on the Czechoslovakian red glass communion egg I FINALLY bought today from a nearby antique shop! I've been wanting it (and the GORGEOUS blue one that sold for $150) since I first saw it! When I found my tax rebate $ in the bank yesterday, I decided that it was NOW OR NEVER on the egg like your Aunt had. (I'm 'stimulating the economy' by purchasing it. LOL) Anyway, I can't find ANY more online, in ANY other place! Mine is missing all but two little glasses. Gee, I HOPE this may be the one you remember. I love the picture of your relatives sneaking 'nips'. I'm about to post it on Ebay (need cash for GAS!!!) and if you want to see it (or even better, BUY it!), my Ebay name is '4larissa' (from Dr. Zhivago, btw) and my Ebay store is 'Capital Beltway Bargains'. I hope to have the beautiful egg up by tomorrow night. If it doesn't sell, I'll just keep it to LOOK AT in the sun for the rest of my life!!! Thanks for your WONDERFUL, and 'Girlie' sight. I feel REFRESHED heading back into my own life after visiting! Phoebe in Maryland, outside D.C.

  17. Phoebe, you are so incredibly nice to post this about the communion set you are putting up for auction on eBay. I will take a look this week and see if I can make a bid. I would love to have one just for memories sake!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. Please stop back soon!! :)


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