Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ben at Home

Mr. Franklin is now feeling at home on my bookshelf. I found him
in the discount museum shop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Elspeth got a white one. Of course, since we were both buying odd
objects, they were completely out of shopping bags. We ended up
carrying around our Franklins the rest of the afternoon and giving
people a good chuckle.

Sam arranged Mr. Franklin in the easy chair early Monday morning
before heading off to work, which was a very amusing sight, especially
before coffee. Elspeth let out an operatic scream and I hopped a few
feet in the air.

We are having a lovely time time with our daughter, who rarely has
the chance to be home. We are chatting nonstop, shopping, laughing,
cooking and eating. I am anxious to tell you all about the Kahlo exhibit.
So stay tuned.


  1. He looks splendid there! I can imagine how his earlier situation must have made you jump. It made me jump from 100s of miles and a computer screen away. Hee hee.

  2. That's hysterical. The first picture reminded me of a "shrunken head"...LOL!! I would've probably fainted had I walked into a room and saw that! He looks right at home in the bookshelf, though.

  3. Your home and things all look so beautiful Willow. And a home with a zillion books is my kind of home.

  4. Excellent perch for the ol' guy! I'd love to have seen you walking around toting him along the street. The previous photo was wonderful! Have a great visit.

  5. ps
    Oooooh--I see an "NC Wyeth" book in the background there--now HE is one of my all-time favorite people. ;))

  6. Ben has found a good spot. Not sure he would approve of the hat, but then again, he looks like he could use some shaking up, so the hat gets two thumbs up from Lavinia!

  7. Almost scary Willow - bet you were shocked at that scene early in the morning - before coffee too!!

    How lovely you have your daughter home - make each moment count as time flies. Glad you had a fun trip and guess this means you're feeling better - so happy to know that.

    Sorry I've been slow with my comments lately - just been devoured by garden chores, this is the very busy time and Mother Nature won't wait!

  8. Ben looks right at home. Glad you are home and having such a wonderful time with your family.

  9. ABWC, N.C. Wyeth is one of my personal favorites, too!! :)


    Lavinia, yes, I thought the hat was a nice touch...tee hee. His Paris look.


    Everyone...have been SO busy...miss dropping by all your spots. Looking forward to visiting and catching up on all I've missed. Soon! :)

  10. That's truly inspirational.

    Seeing Ben Franklin there could be quite electrifying!!

  11. Willow...I had to laugh I could just see you two...one screaming and the other one jumping..how funny...You have a very nice book collection..quite a few I would love to take a look at..Mr Franklin looks to be in his proper place there as well...

  12. Enough to make anyone scream early in the morning!

  13. I like him much better in the library! The hat is a great touch.

  14. N.C. Wyeth, Willow we really do have much in common. N.C. is one of my faves also. I thought I might post about him sometime.


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