Monday, May 5, 2008

Auto Art

When I was out and about in traffic this past weekend, I found
myself curiously attracted to other drivers' rear view mirror decor.
I observed all kinds of odd necklaces, tassels, stuffed toys and the
like. This little carved ivory dancing deer is my personal bit of mirror
art. Several years ago, WT was up early one morning, pacing and
praying over an issue that was troubling him. He prayed for a
specific sign; to see a deer, for assurance and comfort. Deer,
at that time, were fairly scarce here at the manor. Not five minutes
later, the biggest eight point buck imaginable came kicking and
prancing through the back of our manor property. Well, needless to
say, he certainly got his sign! So, my particular piece of car decor
is very symbolic to me and holds a special place in my heart. I am
curious to know what interesting item might be swinging from
your mirror?


  1. Good for you and the buck and the post. Neat.

  2. Right now there's nothing hanging from the mirror but I had a rosary for a while. It would remind me to pray for safety in traffic and for protection...

  3. What a beautiful piece that is. I don't run a car, living so downtown, just rent on occasion. But what I do have is much cruder, but similar - a small horse modelled on a piece of antiquity from the same sculptor who made my little goddess. I'll have to take a picture.

    The lines and colour of your deer are so pleasing. It makes me want to reach out through the screen and touch it.

  4. Nothing is dancing from my mirror! Oh, dear, what does that mean? I shall have to find a lil' Labrador, I think. By the way, do read the poem I just posted. I think it will appeal to you! Have a good week. Eleanor

  5. that is just lovely and a sweet story. i don't have anything hanging from my mirror but now i am inspired to find just the right talisman to inspire (protect?) me as i travel on my merry way. thanks for the post!

  6. What a lovely piece, I have a Guardian Angel given to me by the Hubster

  7. oops willow ... I see that you have comment moderation ...I may have left my comment many times thinking that I was doing something wrong.

  8. Willow...even your little mirror art is exquisite and I wouldn't expect less. I have nothing hanging from my mirror at this time but in years past we had a small crystal for a while..I think our daughter placed it there..It was quite lovely but when we bought another car, I think perhaps it fell by the wayside..Such a nice post...

  9. What an amazing coincidence to happen for your husband when he needed a sign of good luck and an answer to his dilemma.

    We don't have anything hanging off our mirror as my husband feels it would be distracting. Our "easy pass" automatic toll payer is right behind the mirror, on the windshield, so does that count ?
    :-D The only thing it helps us with are the $ 5 - $ 10 tolls when we leave Brooklyn...oh, the pain of that! LOL

  10. I have a collection of feathers collected on my many walks at the beach and at the golf course with les chiens. I have tied them together with golden embroidery floss and they hang from our wagon's mirror as both a dream catcher and protective talisman.

  11. Great question. now, if only I had a good answer. I'm afraid there is nothing hanging from my rear view mirror--never even thought to do so. With that said, I love your carved dear and the symbolism behind it. That's a lot better than some red furry dice! your earliest reply...yes, love trees too, probably more so actually. You'll love some of the trees I'll show at some later point then.

    Take care.

  12. Only a university parking tag hanging from my mirror. But, of course, I'm driving the professor's car these days and so the tag is his. My car had (sniff, sniff) no mirror dangles.

  13. Hey, wow! i just saw my blog name up on your "blogs i stalk regularly!" I'm so honoured, chuffed, and all that to be amongst such distinguished bloggers. Thank you.

    As I stated before, I clicked though practically every one of those links and found so many delightful blogs I now as well like to journey to, adding that much more time online, which can be bothersome in one way (little time as is) but oh, yes, people are so interesting! I love to meet and discover bloggers I would never otherwise have the delight of knowing.

  14. i like that story. (and i am awed that you live in an old stone manor.)

    i don't have anything hanging from my mirror these days, but i used to have a glow-in-the-dark yellow plastic figure that a friend gave me.

    it glowed eerily at night....

  15. I love "God stories"...the kind of story where God shows Himself real by giving a ready answer when we call on Him in our neediness. Thank you for sharing that.

  16. Really nice shot - these are very popular here in Aus, but for the last three years, the cops have started booking drivers who have them, on the grounds that they are distracting.


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