Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's a sunny day, the snow has melted and my bulbs are up!
Spring is here at last! :)


  1. Yes! The calendar says its the first day of spring and the weather is actually cooperating!

  2. Happy Spring!
    I loved the wedding photo of your great grandparents. So Sweet!
    And the Irish sweater--made my knitting heart go pitter-pat!

  3. Thanks Willow! I love hand knit sweaters and admire anyone who can make them. :)

  4. Dear WM,
    Many thanks for being the only person outside of family members to post comments on my blog! Come to think of it, that wise owl sculpture does look a bit like the Maltese Falcon. It's a little dim, but I didn't think it was important enough to do the photo over. The owl was a present many years ago from an old boyfriend, to whom I accidentally mentioned liking owls. It's exceedingly heavy, and I always thought it could be used to bludgeon an intruder. But no one has ever intruded. I continue to enjoy your blog.

  5. Doris, you are obviously a very gifted writer and your blog is a joy to read. That old owl does look like it could delivery a hefty wallop!


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