Saturday, March 15, 2008

Song for Today

A Lark in the Clear Air

Dear thoughts are in my mind
And my soul soars enchanted,
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear of the day.
For a tender beaming smile
To my hope has been granted,
And tomorrow he shall hear
All my fond heart can say.
(traditional Irish song)

**Click [here] to listen.


  1. What a lovely way to start the day. Thank you Willow :)

  2. Beautiful! And so are your other added pictures on your site. I was wondering if Nugget's ears didn't flop down, if I could get him to do that trick! :) Love the shamrock....I want one!

  3. Can you believe that is my shamrock from St. Pat's 2007? It was out on the patio all summer...I think that helped!

  4. Well, you took good care of it! I saw them in the grocery this week and should have picked one up. I've never had one but think they are so pretty. I'll have to get one next trip out....and keep it out one the patio this summer! Something new and green sounds great right now!

  5. Well, I got my shamrock today! They weren't displayed in the front of the store anymore. They were stuck in the back of the garden center looking thirsty and lonely! So ~ I not only feel like I bought myself a little something, but I rescued it, too! :)


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