Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Day Out!

It is yet another sunny day! My old '96 Land Rover is in the
shop this week and I'm using a little Mazda rental. It is a
semi-stick...you get to do the fun drag and shift without worrying
about the clutch. So sporty and low to the ground than what I'm
used to driving. I figure I might as well enjoy it while I can...off to
zip around town....:)


  1. Hmmmmm....semi-clutch? low to the ground? Congers up an old memory of you and me in a VW bug!

  2. I was crazy about my red VW bug...wish I still had it! But didn't I have to put my leg out to get it to brake?

    The sunny day didn't last long. But I had fun zipping around, non the less.

  3. Well, there was something funny about the trip...no, wait...it wasn't your foot braking like Fred Flinstone! It was something about a U turn, a old man yelling, and me sliding down in my seat leaving you, the poor driver, exposed and lonely. Aren't little sisters so precious! tee-hee!

  4. The version I remember had to do with a circle drive into a private mansion estate with a distinguished group standing at the door. You ducked as we flew by, narrowly missing them with my convertible VW. I did get a few odd looks.

  5. Obviously a couple of naughty charmers!


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