Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

I made creme brulee for Valentine's dinner.... it turned out so pretty,
I had to add it to the blog! :) do I jump from Othello to Valentine's Day?
Well, Ophelia does mention the holiday in Shakespeare's Hamlet
when she says, "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day". So, the
celebration of this day has been around for quite a few years!!
I enjoy collecting vintage cards. My favorite Valentine card is this
sweet one. She looks like my niece Caroline! The card dates from the
1930's or so. On the back, a child has written in pencil, "To George
Earl Hulling from Rinnair Pollitt". I would love to know the story this
bit of history holds. Her name sounds French…was she new to
America? Did she have a crush on little George? Did she choose this
card especially for him? I imagine them sneaking shy peeks at each
other across the classroom.

And as a small aside, my world traveler’s fourth great grandfather
was Valentine Gates. Wonder if Valentine’s Day was extra special
to him? ;)


  1. Oh wow! That turned out so beautiful! Yum! What a gorgeous picture, too! :)

  2. I have bookmarked your blog. Your writings and finds interest me. Hopefully, your blog will take hold and others will be able enjoy you sharing your interests.
    Saint Francis of Assisi is one of my favorites. I have his crucifix hanging at my front door.
    Derrick of upper state New York

  3. hey,
    thanks for your email about your blog. Obvious, I am in here looking at it and am very impressed with your design layout and choice of pictures. Interesting comments too. Good for you. I'll have to maybe do this myself. I now have a full time job plus teaching piano though. It keeps me pretty busy.
    Keep up the great informative work.
    Uncle Tom

  4. Thanks, Derrick! Blogging is new to me and I am getting the hang of it this week. Thanks for bookmarking me....check back often and I'll try to keep posting new things!

  5. Hi Uncle Tom!
    Thanks for checking me out and for your nice comments!! :):)
    Big, big hugs!!


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