Monday, August 10, 2015


Take me fast, quiet,
two guards at every door.

Wrap me tight
in your extravagant straitjacket,
where the strangling is clean
and silent, since when I kiss,
it will not be as a sister.

You have seen my complete dossier.
I would have made a great man,
but I am a woman,
subtle but effective.

Do not toss me, deranged,
in your landfill;

it is more palatable to give
me something rich
and strange, tribal,
like a Viking funeral.

tk, from my chapbook "Unpressed"

R.A.D. curled up on the steps with my book...

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  1. This has an aura of mystery about it..she is different and walks to a tribal beat..perhaps, almost warrior like.

  2. This is fantastic. Personal, sexy, dark around the edges. Love it.

  3. wow- give me a fiery burial at sea....

  4. The "extravagant straitjacket" sound like the bonds of some forbidden fruit... addiction guaranteed. A glimpse of the primitive senses that lure the soul unwilling to be civilised.

  5. I'm sure your dossier is amazing !

  6. This is like a manifesto for an artist.. love the end, like a firecracker pyre.

  7. I have the feeling that your ultimate sendoff, Tess, will make a Viking funeral look tawdry.

  8. Subtle like a brick. Lol! I am watching Game Of Thrones (I don't have HBO) and I thought of it right away. I hope your time off is wonderful!

  9. Me too, hoping you have a time of deep peace and all the excitement you may hope for if hope you do. I went on widoutchoo but not without thinking about you and missing you.

  10. This is so powerful - blows me away. Hope you are having the time of your life, you amazing poet, you.


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