Monday, October 29, 2012

the morning after

After The Party, by Matt Larson

Let us have wine and women,
myrth and laughter,
Sermons and soda water
the day after.

Lord Byron, from Don Juan

Come in and help yourself to some delicious brunch. I instructed Stevens to make copious amounts of my favorite coffee in my little vintage Italian espresso maker. There are also some lovely Mimosas, heavy on the champagne ... hair of the dog, and so on. 

Despite a few cyber glitches and mammoth storms, the ball was a smashing success. Apparently, some guests mistook the creepy old local funeral home for Willow Manor. Once inside, they knew something was not quite right, and made a hasty retreat. I had the most fun twirling amidst pirates, steam punk, absinthe snarfing elephants, pookas, and inappropriate chickens. In the end, the mysterious naked guy was not a Willow Manor ghost, and was not actually naked. He was wearing a flesh-colored fishnet speedo. 

Thank you for dancing the lovely dance between fantasy and reality with me, dear friends. It is the splendid space where artists live.  We celebrated creativity with virtual aplomb, and of that we should be proud.  I hope it brought a bit of merriment to this sometimes not-so-merry world. 

Many thanks to Junk Thief for this adorable stop action animation piece!

Congratulations to Phil and Yoli
for winning Barnes and Noble gift cards
(please send me your e-mail addresses)


  1. Elly and I (Eleanor's allowing me to call her Elly) had a wonderful time. Love the movie; is it your first starring role? You're a natural.

    Back home now to dogs, hens, and work. Thanks for the lovely break; it was dreamy!

  2. Back to teaching for me, but I shall have a silly grin on my face. Thank you, was a Ball! Yeah, I need more the movie!

  3. so happy the ball went well

  4. Scrumptious~!!!Thanks darling~Ah Nothing like hair of the dog...greasy yet delicious (where's the washroom?)...even though I feel like that 70's shag carpet in the disco room....laughed my fool head of at the film clip...Scarlet Tess O are a dream vision~how was your date...(which one?) hahah~~ Toodles~see ya next year...

  5. What fun. Until next year Tess!!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful party once again, Tess. I was drinking and dancing most of the night..... lost in cyberspace. I found the pirate ship, but seemed to have technical difficulties connecting to the pirates. I loved the movie, such a wonderful night!

    Breakfast is delicious and the coffee is divine!

    This was the perfect getaway .... it's been raining here since Friday! You always manage to wash away the gloom and the foggy coldness. Thank you, dear friend. xoxo

  7. I am always here for the coffee you are such a considerate hostess! What a lovely surprise to have won the gift card! I will email you shortly.

  8. Sorry I and my pirates could not stick around for the delightful breakfast. They had to be off for a film location in Monument Valley. Directors seem to wait for no one. But then you were also out of Trinidad Rum.

    Next ball I will have to arrange with my friend, Bee, to bring more. Or I will have to bring less pirates.

    Thanks ever so for being the hostess with the mostest.

  9. An old acquaintance not to be forgot appeared in the wee hours after the ball as I roamed the house candle in hand. As he took the candle setting it down, a man with a button accordion began playing. Taking my hand we danced around the room then he vanished with the last steps of the Scottish du Regret.

    A memorable fete, Tess. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for allowing me a space to create........


  11. Thank you again, Tess! Had a splendid time as always! Now to deal with the floodwaters....

  12. hangover from hell... thank you!... we made it back in time but the helicopter pilot got lost somewhere over the atlantic and with Sandy swooping in it wasn't a fun ride!... worth every second though xx

  13. ... still trying to catch my breath!!

  14. Thank you SO much for the invitation. I had a great time. X

  15. Unforgettable ... apart from everything I said and everything I did ... I may have peaked to early ... perhaps next time I'll stay and help you clear up ...

  16. I am just now rested enough to have breakfast! And this looks scrumpty-delicious!!
    I had a precious message this morning from Jacqueline (above) regarding a parallel she discovered relating to our fathers. All as a result of new connections at your Grand Ball!
    Thank you, dear Tess!

  17. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting so many charming people. Thank you for having us Tess!

  18. a flesh-colored fishnet speedo.

    ha ha. I missed that. But the going's on behind the potted palm certainly gave me an eyefull! :)

    Thank you, Tess, for an extraordinary party and "morning after'.

    Say, did you make that scrumptious breakfast in the photograph? Sigh...

  19. Your balls are always a hit. Such a fun and festive idea.

  20. I somehow missed this day after post. Too much 'night before' perhaps? I have told the elephants thy will have to stay home next year if they can't behave themselves better! My first Willow Manor Ball really was a ball. Thank you so much, you are the perfect host.

  21. Thank you for such a lovely party!

  22. Oh, and I loved the animation. Very clever. I only recently discovered the Junk Gypsies and can't get enough!


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)