Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I do a lot of staring...

Walker Evans, self-portrait, 1927

Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. 
Die knowing something. 
You are not here long. 

― Walker Evans


  1. love this and so true we should all learn something

  2. This picture could have been taken just this afternoon. Very modern.

  3. Great photo! Such energy! I wasn't familiar with Walker Evanx. I just Googled his photos. The one I have seen before is the one of the migrant mother, but didn't know it was Evans. His photos are so poignant. Make me feel sad. We learn so much when we listen, instead of always having to be talking. And we are never here long enough to do everything that we want or should do.

  4. The photo is very Impish. He's right about looking and listening; we're all to keen to block our ears and eyes.

  5. This has great appeal for me. Love the image, too.

  6. That quote should be on the bathroom mirror in every artist/writer/poet/musician's mirror. Love it.

  7. I am sorry sort of messed up here. Is the author referring to Walker Evans the great photographer?

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    1. on his name for the link...Walker Evans the fabulous photographer...

  8. Yes, and perhaps I should tell myself at least, stare at something other than computer! Though Evans stared at screens of a sort. k.

  9. I read the title of this post, and then glanced over to that picture of you sucking on an eyeball, and nearly spit my coffee all over the place. HA!

  10. I'm glad somebody appreciates my sense of humor...


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)