Wednesday, January 18, 2012

jalapeno cheese bread

I love my bread machine. The thing is, it's too large to keep out on the kitchen counter, so I only dig it out of its cluttered spot at the back of the cabinet every once in a while.  But when I do, man oh man, does that baby know how to make bread.  It's super convenient, dumping in the ingredients and turning it on, but since I'm a tactile kinda girl, I miss the kneading, the touch of the dough in my hands.

Here's one of my tried and true recipes.  I just made it last night, and it won't live to see another day.  It's mildly spicy, moist and irresistible, perfect party food with beer, wine, or a frosty margarita.

Jalapeno Cheese Bread

3/4 cup sour cream
3/4 cup water
2 eggs
2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp sugar
4 cups flour
1 cup grated sharp cheddar
1 small can diced jalapeno peppers
2 1/2 tsp active dry yeast

Toss the above in the bread machine, light crust setting, press start...3 hours 15 minutes later...presto chango...yum!


  1. mmmmmm sounds yum!!! lovely blog!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

    I’m hosting a giveaway ! xoxo

  2. A blog that's good enough to eat.

  3. I make a mean Focaccia, couple times each week.Our bread-maker broke some years ago, and we've never considered a replacement. Your cheese bread looks yummy!

  4. I know what yu mean about the size of it...not wanting it on the counter....but it does make yummy bread..correcto
    ah winter and warm bread
    looks yummy

  5. I'm always looking for good bread-machine recipes. Thanks for this one. I know it will be great, as every other thing I have ever made from this blog is top of the list! Thanks Tess!

  6. sounds yummy!
    I don't have a bread machine and don't have space anywhere in my kitchen for one, worktop or press!
    But I have something better...a 15 y/o son who loves to make bread!
    So I will pass this one onto him, with a polite request!

  7. I've always made jalapeno cheese bread as a batter bread...I'll have to try your recipe soon!

  8. Thank goodness I have a pretty serious reaction to jalapenos. A recipe I can resist, though the picture does me in.

    I still make bread the old-fashioned way. I love the kneading and the texture of the finished product. But bread made from the machines beats EVERYTHING one can get in a store OR a bakery, in my book.

    Tomorrow I make my oatmeal nut bread.

  9. Our library makes bread most days in a bread maker...students and faculty love it! Personally, I understand the tactile...oh, yeah...but bread machines are da bomb! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here...salivating over this post :-)

  10. Dang, just remembered I don`t have a bread maker. I guess I could use the same ingredients, but make it old school. :)

  11. People keep telling how good their bread machines are, but, even so, I shall resist. That bread sounds delicious. Now that I have a new oven (with proper temp' control) I shall start my bread making anew. Cheese and Jalapeno will definitely be on the list.

  12. Oh, thank you for sharing! This gives me reason to drag my nice bread machine out from its hiding place in the basement--I haven't used it for more than two years! That's partly due to the need to use a voltage transformer, but still.

  13. Oh, YUM! Another thing we have in common...a few days ago I had the urge to make some sour dough (with my trusty bread machine). My sour dough starter is nearly 25 years old. I created my own recipe this time and the dough raised out of the bread machine so I had to remove it and finish it off in the oven. It nearly filled my oven but ended up being some of the best bread I've ever made. Yours looks wonderful and I can't wait to try the recipe. This is what winter is about...warm woolies and bread hot out of the really know how to live! Thanks for sharing.

  14. The Goodwill supplied me with a wonderful breadmaker for $10. Good investment, good bread, good will. Ann

  15. We have a bread machine, I broke the lid this week when I knocked a bottle of beer onto it. You are wise to keep yours tucked away. We love ours so much we have had to lash out and buy another.

  16. One of these days, I will borrow a bread machine and try making bread with it. I keep hearing wonderful things about them, but I can't help wondering how a bread machine would react if I started ad libbing -- tossing in a little leftover oatmeal or brown rice, maybe, they way I used to. When my children were small, I made all our bread -- dark, heavy loaves full of whole grains and seeds and molasses and sourdough. I loved baking bread. I've lost the habit, these last few years, but your recipe tempts me to exercise my kneading muscles again. Who needs a machine?

  17. I love semi-instant gratification!
    Sound delectable! Gimme some chili to go with and I would be in heaven! But wait ... I'd have to wait. Does that mean I'd be in purgatory? Oh, damn! No, wait! I didn't mean that!

    Let's back up ... the bread looks good! Heavenly, in fact!

  18. Sure, go ahead, make me weep with longing...

  19. NOTHING smells better than freshly made bread. Just love your photography.... I'm SURE that you, Tess, have poem in you somewhere about rising bread, fresh cooked bread... (hint hint)

  20. Oh my! Sounds like my kind of recipe! And I have a bread machine! Thank you!


  21. It looks fantastic. Do you happen to know of a recipe for the same for non-bread machine bread lovers?


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