Tuesday, October 13, 2009

some enchanted evening

Welcome to the Second Annual Willow Manor Ball! Just like last
year, we cleared the furniture from the front room, and rolled up
the carpets for a perfect dance floor. Every nook and cranny of the
manor is filled with candles and the most exquisite red roses.

Please check into the comment section and tell me who is
accompanying you and what music you would like to hear, or just
say "hello" and let me know you popped in. Remember, most of the
fun takes place behind the scenes, in the manor comment section,
so don't forget to take a gander.

If you would like us to visit your blog for this big event, or you
would like to visit our satellite blog parties, please make sure
you visit the Mr. Linky widget in the previous post.

Thank you so very much for coming and I hope you enjoy the
evening, which is miraculously lasting all day long. Everyone who
leaves a comment today will be included in the drawing for an
elegant door prize. So, please come in and enjoy. There's plenty of
Tinkerbell sparkle to last the entire day!

Oh, well. What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose
it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring,
and-and completely... completely wonderful.

Well, there
was a bit
of drama,
to start off
this year's
ball, since
here at
the manor
Johnny Depp drove up in his cute red convertible and warmly greeted me with a kiss. Tony, feeling a tad jealous, pulled
a gun on Johnny and I had to diffuse the situation, by promising both
lovely men I would pay equal attention to them for the duration of
the evening. Poor me, I'll try my best to manage both single handed.

I must admit, I had no idea Tony had such
strong feelings for me. I reminded him
that Johnny and I could very easily be
distant cousins, and he had nothing to
worry about in the romance department.
Tony has become a bit more bold in
recent days, a departure from his
Remains of the Day demeanor. I'm sure
it must be that Fractured role that made
him so handy with the pistol.

Tony, ever the elegant
gentleman, quickly put
away the gun and I was
completely relieved as
the two shook hands and
smiled, amicably. (Yes,
this is me, greeting
Johnny on his arrival at
the manor. I'm wearing
an amazing red satin gown.
More on that in a bit...)
Whose idea was it to
have two dates,
anyway? Remind me
next year to just pick
one. I know. Libras can
never decide.

In the
on the steps
of my manor
library, and
I mixed
both of them a nice drink. Depp and books? Ooo-la-la!

As you remember,
Tony was my date at
last year's Manor Ball.
He has again,
graciously agreed to
play a bit of the
Goldberg Variations,
he played in
Hannibal, for us later
tonight. Did I
mention he dances
like a god? Looking
him directly
in the eyes, while
dancing, is making
me absolutely weak
in the knees. Last
year, I swooned, just
so he would catch me. I think I just might have to do it again. He's probably going to think I'm a narcoleptic. What I am most
looking forward to, however is filling my dance card with the
names of all you lovely bloggy gentlemen. Now, where's the
elegant Mr. PhilipH? He asked for my first dance. I'm saving the
last waltz for the charming Mr. Maalie.

This is me, wearing
this incredible
Ives Saint Laurent
red gown, I won at
Christie's in New York.
It's said to have been
owned by Audrey
Don't I look
simply cyberlicious?
She and I are the
same size you know,
since anything is
possible at the Manor
Ball. It's truly
amazing what a
little pixie dust
can do.

I found the most amazing Cartier
diamond earrings that just match
my diamond and ruby necklace.
Do you think they're too much
worn together?


It took me forever
to find the perfect
shoes, since I want
to dance til dawn
and still be light
on my feet, as well
as stylish. I finally
settled on this
fabulous pair by
Jimmy Choo. Oh,
and, you like my
scent? I rang up
Coco (Chanel)
and she
concocted this
magical fragrance
just for me. Heaven.

I am
throb, the
(you know
him from
the film
I Know
Going) is here.
I was so hoping he would wear his kilt from the movie, since I am totally nutty for a man in a kilt, but he looks simply dashing in his top hat and tails, don't you think? Here he is chatting with our housekeeper upon his arrival at the manor. Now, I especially counting on Barry to keep his promise to wear his tartan. Sorry, Linda, forgive me if he does.

Our Master of Ceremonies
is the magnificent baritone, Bryn Terfel.
Here's a peep of him yesterday,
with the orchestra,
rehearsing the opening song
for tonight,
Some Enchanted Evening.
(I've got him penciled into my dance
card more than once!)

The debonair Silver Fox
has practiced his dance
steps, not wanting to be
out done by Fred Astaire's
fancy hoofing. Get in line
with your dance cards,
girls. Wait a minute...
is this Mr. Fox or Cary
Grant? I can never tell.

are crates
of fabulous
I think I'll
help myself
to a glass of
bubbly right
now. Would
you like one,
too? Here, let
me drop in a strawberry. Oh, how pretty. Cheers! Go ahead, feel free to throw your glass and crash it into the fireplace.

Please help yourself to all this wonderful fancy food, including caviar
and seafood tapas. No expense was spared in hiring the best caterers
in town, in fact they are the same excellent ones we used last year.
I don't know about you, but I'm starved from all this hopping
around the
dance floor.
Let's dig in!
Last year,
Tom Hanks
was seen
off all the
Don't let
him do
it again.

And last, but not least, for
all of us who have a sweet
tooth, there are lots of
lovely desserts, including
this scrumptious chocolate
mousse tart with raspberries.
Mmm. Don't be shy. Since
these are, of course, cyber
sweets we can eat as many
of these lovelies as we like
and not worry about
gaining a single ounce!
How fun is this?!
Well, it's time for one last
slow dance. Let's venture
out to the patio...

The weather is gorgeous tonight.
The patio is lit and set with tables.
It's soooo romantic.


It was a lovely evening, was it not?! After dancing until
the wee hours of the morning, I must get my beauty sleep.

Stop in for brunch around noon tomorrow and we'll chat about all
the fun bloggy scuttlebutt.

Ta-ta, my friends!

Sweet dreams!


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bloggy extension parties listed below!


  1. I'm afraid I'm frightfully early. I just couldn't contain my excitement. Luckily I'm not the first to arrive as I see there are several people already in attendance. Be sure to come by my place and see what I have for you dear hostess...

  2. Oh Willow, what a beautiful place. Aren't you surprised who I am with. Momma and Poppa will probably kill me when they find out, but who care,we'll worry about that tomorrow.
    Peggy not QMM she sent me instead.

  3. Such a lovely event! A splendid time was indeed had by all, Sorry about the tazer incident, I should have been more cautious but you know how it is with Tom sometimes- also hope that your piano is not entirely broken...Lovely evening, my Dear. Thank you!
    Oh and I am glad you decided on the red and I the black...quite complimented one another!

  4. I am Lady Voilette, that's a pet name Tom endears me with...

  5. Willow, Dahling....everything looks simply divine! I came early just to watch all the guests arrive! I see rxBambi has the same idea...we're just too excited to wait! I'll be on the patio if you need me....I've got my eye on one of those raspberry things.....

  6. Oh, DO come in daaaalings! I am a bit early myself in the excitement of it all. Please help yourself to a glass of champagne!

  7. Oh, what fun. I'm peeping from behind the curtains.

  8. You look marvelous Willow! I'm here as the photographers assistant. I hope to see Miss Piggy with Derrick - I will be bold and ask for her autograph! Party on!

  9. Scarlett Johansson and I are making a quick stop just to let you know ... we'll be back later. She has a photo shoot to finish. I promise we'll return ... later. Music? Anything from our fav NY club would be fine.

  10. Willow, you look stunning absolutely stunning. And I can't thank you enough for extending your invitation.

    I'd like you to meet my partner for the evening...

    Thomas Crown, I'd like you to meet Willow of Willow Manor. Willow, this is my friend Thomas Crown.

    (whispering, isn't he fabulous? He looks just like Steve McQueen).

    I explained earlier in the week that everything was up in the air about our transportation to your ball, but Thomas finally took control of the situation and combined our transportation with a gift for you. If you check in your trash can you'll find a beautifully wrapped box containing the following


    I couldn't have arrived at a ball in a more suitable manner.

    Now I won't take anymore of your time other than to say if the orchestra could play "Windmills of Your Mind" I'll spin the night away on your dance floor in the arms of Mr. Crown.

    Again, thank you so kindly for the invite.

    Thomas, please stop staring at Willow's jewels.

  11. Oh Willow I'm so embarrassed. Apparently the gift was put in the wrong trash can. Here's where it is. Not the indoor trash can. The outdoor trash can


  12. Excuse me, Scarlett, but I would like to have this dance with Bill!

  13. Tattered, I'm imagining you with a Faye Dunaway hair piece. Mr. Crown DOES look an awful lot like Steve McQueen. Gosh, I can't take my eyes off him. Sorry. :P

  14. Okay, just put .jpg at the end of the link. It's there, in the trash. I'm telling you. I saw him put it in the trash can.

    What? I thought it was okay to tell her you put things in trash cans?

  15. Oooo...daaaling...Faberge? How DEVINE!!

  16. Shhhhhhhh...the insurance company doesn't know.

  17. We are here!!! Oh my Gaaaaaaawd.....the DRESSS!!! OH please make sure you take me shopping with you for next year's ball! That Yves.....amazing lines and the fabric....tooo tooooo beautiful....perfect for you!
    Those boys....Depp and Tony..., all the drama.....well that is their Hollywood coming out....a few drinks and dances and you will have them tied around your little finger, Dahhhhhling. If not, tell them I have brought a darn good lawyer with me! I am off to take in the Manor, the music, and meet the ghosts....and the guests....ohhh and to dance, dance, dance!!

  18. How divine! I do hope you don't mind if take a turn on the dance floor with Mr. Depp.

  19. Fabulous dress! Well worth it and the dessert? Scrumptious.

  20. Willow, you do know how to throw a party! Loved the food and thanks for letting me borrow Johnny for a dance. Off for some more champagne! ; )

  21. Go ahead, girls, Mr. Depp is loving the attention!

  22. I am so confused about the time that I can't think if I am early to the ball or late. Zoning can do that to you. Zoning and champagne.
    Cheers and thanks for the invitation.

  23. I am just waiting for my partner to arrive.. my hair is done.. and I have heard that there is to be some very different musicians attending this year...

    my partner is at the door! gotta run... be there in a quick minute!!

    ooh and who? John Lennon!!! *sigh* be still my beating heart!!

  24. Willow, The Manor is aglow...I have never seen so many lights or roses! You are stunning in this RED RED gown...I had no idea you were so thin! I must run for the champagne, my ride over was tense to say the least...my dates are wonderful but far too many men for one limo. Please forgive Hannibal...I had no idea he was bringing his elephants...sorry about the Manor lawn.
    I'm dashing off to the dance floor...a few spins with Javier will do wonders for my tension. Is that Steve McQueen? I would love to request a tango for later?

  25. Collette PROMISED the dress would be here on time....
    I may just have to wear the Vintage Dior ballgown Mummy has put away... she was a debutante you know...
    Mr Depp is going to be a busy man........
    Love and lots of air kisses
    (Mwah, mwah!)

  26. Oh Willow this is just a sensational 'do' I am delighted to attend, everything is quite quite perfect and I am enjoying myself so much, I might have had just a tad too much champagne "hic hic" but thought I would pop up to my room,
    http://www.susiehemingway.com and do a little 'post' for the glossy's,
    my memory is not as good these days and I did not want to forget a thing.
    I have managed a little piece at .com it is not indeed the usual room I have when I stay. Still very well appointed and most comfortable I must say. I did noticed the lovely roses - the scent of patchouli is my favourite. Still I am sure I saw lilies in some of the rooms!!but am I dreaming? Thank you,I am indeed in 'heaven'
    what fun all this has been, but the night is still young...

    Please pop in and read my post on this rather unique occasion.
    Remember I am in room www.susiehemingway.com

  27. Well, my guest surprisingly said yes to the invite. Please be sure to make her feel welcome. I'm going to go off to the kitchen and scrounge around for some biccies and a nice hot cuppa! :)

  28. It looks like an exciting evening all round and I see that most of your guests have arrived early so as not to miss any of the action. I myself am wearing an exquisite gothic gown of green velvet, to match my eyes when I saw your dress!. I am bringing an Italian dancer called Vincent, who, though small, is quite perfect in every way! You can hop over to my Blog and watch us dancing the Rumba. This very sexy dance is perfect for your ball and will introduce a distinctly European flavour to the evening.
    Blessings to you for your expertise in arranging this fabulous evening.

  29. My car has just arrived Willow, so I'll be arriving very soon along with my small entourage of minions to tend to my every need. Such high drama my dear at The Manor prior to the evening's events beginning. I do hope JD & Tony play nicely together & don't cause another scene. Air kisses to you darhling, see you soon.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. All the delicious details of my gown & gentleman partners are over @ The Hedge. So pop in if you have a spare moment.

  30. Esteemed Ladyship!
    I have only just dragged myself to my desk to write this letter of thanks for a party that outshone any that I have ever attended.

    You will be happy to know that I did indeed make it home safely, but it will take copious amounts of beer to quell my headache. Might you send a small keg of that excellent pilsner I saw in your pantry?

    Thank You, dear Friend, for an enjoyble evening. Already, I look forward to next year's Ball!

    I am pleased to be Your Ladyship's humble and obedient Friend and Servant,

    Wolfg. Mozart von Katzenjammer

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. P.S. I quite agree with SpacedLaw... Travel is so tricky, especially Time Travel. Was I late? Was I early? AM I here? Am I dreaming in my bed at home? Potz sapperlot! Please pass the champagne!

    Ach du Scheiße...I am quite beside myself...

  33. Well, I thought I'd be fashionably late but I see there's a crush at the door! You look STUNNING! Is it any wonder guns are being shot over you?

    I'm a bit intimidated by wearing a gown I've worn before - it's all explained over at my party - but I have pared myself down to a size two so, hopefully, the reappearance of the gown will go unnoticed.

    I'm looking forward to all the insider stories I hope you'll be telling later. Better dash back to my own party before they miss me but I'll be back! Thank you for including me in the guest list. I'll try not to say anything you'll regret tomorrow!

  34. Oh Willow, did you think Kevin and I would never get there? We had a few glitches, details over at the Textilosophy Oz mansion if you'd care to visit when you are not quite so rushed off your feet with dizzy delights! Dear Kevin behaved impeccably don't you think - even giving in graciously when Mr. Depp asked for a dance.You looked beautiful. I am sorry I missed Bryn Terfel's opening number, but managed to see the end of the rehearsal. An absolutely divine seasonal ball on a par with last year's.Such a wonderful event.

  35. Willow, you look absolutely gorgeous in red! I've had a wonderful time, accompanied by the dishy Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice) but lost him later in the night.

    I'm so glad you returned to WT!! Go and read my giggle. It's been fun!!

  36. My dear, this is the first dance I propose. Tonight I shall be Groucho.

    And I thought I would be the first one to arrive at the ball! Silly me! :-)


    By the way, you look fantastic in red.

    Greetings from London.

  37. Just a little bit more of music to warm up the dance floor.


    Greetings from London.

  38. I hope WT does not get jealous. But the cheesy in me could not overlook the occasion.


    Greetings from London.

  39. Willow,
    As usual you've outdone yourself. The ball is magnificent and I'm enjoying my role as voyeur immensely. Thanks for the invite.
    Who? Oh you mean this girl here by my side? Perhaps we'll keep her name a secret for the moment, "K? ;>)

  40. Oh Willow! My wicked step-sisters hid my invitation and I was so busy cleaning the house for them that I missed the ball! Boo Hoo and you got the Depp prince! My heart is so broken I will turn myself into a little blue swallow and visit your room outside Willow Manor every night singing a mournful song until you release Johnny. You can keep Sir Hopkins. Love Sooky Cinders. xx

  41. Willow, the limo has just arrived Anotnio Banderas and I will be there shortly. We've been practicing the tango and can't wait to dance.
    You look lovely in your Audrey Hepburn gown. I decided to go Grace Kelly this year.
    See you soon!

  42. Abject apologies Willow for my late arrival. I actually got here in good time but was hypnotised by some of the guests.

    And then what! There was Stella, the Star, writhing erotically in the sexiest rumba that I've ever seen.

    Had to nip off for a cold shower after that! Apologies again.

    This foxtrot is ours I think...

  43. Oh, Willow, too many superlatives in mind and on the tip of my tongue! Glorious! I’ve left the hostess gift on the stair with J. -Jayne

  44. You know how to throw one heck of a party! But seriously, you need a burger and about six of those sweets and don't dance too much, you'll burn too many calories. Pretty red dress but really...thin is in but I'm concerned that someone might snap you in too.

    Much fun. Over from Rosaria's.

  45. Dahling Willow!
    I'm starting with dessert, because I want the best for first! And who is that yummy truffle, swinging from the chandelier? I'll have one of those!

  46. Darling Willow,

    How fantabulous this is! Oh, do stand back a little please, you know how Miss Piggy likes to be on uninterupted view as she makes an entrance?! ... Piggy Darling, you can head for the buffet as soon as you greet our hostess!

    Actually, Concorde whisked us over here so quickly we didn't even have time to consume the in-flight snacks!

    And you managed to get Bryn. I could listen to him all night ... Yes, and to you too Piggy!!

    Willow, we'll have to have a proper chat later, once you manage to give Johnny and Tony the slip and I can leave Piggy safely with Leslie while she's signing autographs. Did I say you look divine? Well, you do, mwah!

    Oh,Hi, Alaine ... must grab some champers while there's time.

  47. We must have a toast to Willow, the belle of the ball! You look absolutely radiant, dear Willow. This is a wonderful party! Happy Birthday, love! You don't look a day over 22. especially in THAT lovely ensemble. OOOOhhhh, I am crazy for your shoes!

  48. Oh my! I have danced so many waltzes that my head is spinning! Or is my head spinning from all the champagne I have consumed? Oh never mind...where is that dessert tray? I must have one of those luscious tarts!

  49. Oh Willow I do hope you have a Ball and I'm so sorry to miss it! I did however warn Rosaria to keep clear of Mr. Depp as you appear to be quite jealous of him!! :)

  50. Oh, and here is what I ended up choosing to wear. I am so glad that I did because I must admit that Herr Mozart had a most difficult time keeping his eyes off of me the entire night.


  51. I made it (pant pant) I made it all the way to the Ball!

    Oh and doesn't Willow look stunning in that red dress! And look at all of you! Bloggers are all so gorgeous (well except for that guy over there, what the heck is he wearing?)

  52. Oh Willow, You are a love! I have just popped in and hope you'll be able to come on over later and see what I'm wearing and who I'm dancing with, he's a total knockout, of course we go way back and if I could marry him I would, however, I'll just have to let him dance with me tonight and that will have to do.
    Much love, oh and sweetie do me a favor, ask the butler to refrain from pinching my bottom this year darling. Toodles.

  53. Oh Willow Dear ~ you certainly have outdone yourself! This is a smashing success and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves!

    Who knew Bill Stankus could dance like that?! He's amazing!

    And did you see Alaine with Colin Firth?...Ohhh...they make a handsome couple...I must go tell them....

  54. what fun we are having already.
    We are just arriving NOW!
    Willow, the people, the champagne, the food.......sheer bliss.
    What a hostess you are.
    I will retun later to enjoy all the goings on.

  55. Everything is perfect, what a night to remember. You know how to give a ball.

  56. I've just seen Mr. Depp coming in my direction.....I'll have to turn him down though, I'm promised to Astrobloke. However, I don't see him around here, so maybe.....? "Well Mr. Depp, just one dance them...if you insist......let's make it the Rumba, shall we?"

  57. (arrives on the arm of my gay best friend Mr Rupert Everett who is looking dashing in a turn of the century dinner jacket. I'm wearing the wedding outfit worn by Meryl in Out of Africa)

    Well hello Mme Willow and we would like to thank you for inviting us to your ball.

    The music we would like to hear is Lehar's Gold and Silver Waltz - I can do a perfect waltz and this is the music that I learned it to.

    I'm now going to (read all the comments) see exactly who else is here and pick with whom to socialise

    toodle pip


  58. Willow, your dress is DIVINE! Tony does look a bit put out, I must say. You heart-breaker, you!
    I love those shoes too. You outdid yourself in the wardrobe department!
    The manor looks absolutely lovely and the food...well, I am absolutely famished, so I'll just have my companions pick me up a platter and fill it to capacity.
    You'll find me on the divan in the corner (details at my blog, my dear) and oh, as for music, Bertie has agreed to spell the orchestra at some point and do a few numbers on the old ivories. What a grand time we shall have.
    Thank you so much for the invitation and for all the trouble you've taken once again to make this such a spectacular event!
    Can I just say once again how deliciously gorgeous you look. (Doesn't she Johnny? Hmmm.)

  59. ooooohhhhhhhhh! Willow! Our gowns are alike! So much fun!

  60. There are so many guests, my head is absolutely spinning!!!

    Yes, Tony is a bit put out, but he'll come around. He's been looking at Alaine all evening! I'm going to go distract Colin, so he can have a dance with her...

  61. Philip, yes, it's time for that foxtrot...my you dance like a god...my head is spinning!

  62. We've just arrived and are making the rounds. Willow, the Manor looks opulent. You have such great taste.

    Too bad about the little dust-up early on. It's inevitable that these guys would lock horns over you - especially in that beautiful dress! WOW!! And the SHOES! OMG.

    Excuse me, Will has just brought me a glass of Dom Perignon. See you later!

  63. Oh dear! I seemed to have mislaid my fan...Ah! My dear Mister Depp, *I say in coquettish fashion*, I do believe you have rescued my fan...A price for its return? Why of course, the next three dances are a more than fair price!

  64. What a gorgeous evening. Have you met my date, Patch? What? He's a fallen angel? Yes, yes I know. Don't worry about it. http://blurredhistory.blogspot.com

  65. Derrick ~ Miss Piggy seems to be turning her nose up at the ham quiche...hmmmm...maybe we better steer her over to the dessert table! LOL!

  66. I've just spent time hanging out in your kitchen with Ms. Piggy and Gonzo. He invited himself. I love Gonzo. he was not impressed when the caterer came through and offered him a chicken croquette. He was less impressed when Ms. Piggy ate them all! Anyway, you were right about people gathering in your kitchen Willow. It's such a cozy spot. =D

  67. Barry, are you panting for the ladies, or did you walk all the way here?

    Yeah, WHO IS that guy over there and why is he wearing THAT?

  68. I really must get out of this kitchen and back to the dance floor! (didn't I tell you everyone gathers here like a watering hole in the Old West?)

    Miss Piggy just gave me a wallop with her evening bag over the quiche. I must go find Derrick...

  69. (Bows) Willow, my dear. May I have the honor of the next dance?

  70. Everything seems to be going swimmingly for you Willow, now that the gun incident is over!The food is delicious as is the company and I love fecking the champagne glasses into the fireplace.I think I'll continue the same with the coffee mugs at home.I had a wash specially and put on my best Wellos (wellington boots)but couldn't find a stitch to wear so came 'Au naturelle' hope that is okay? Have a great day!Ps I've brought a special litre botle of my homebrew mixture for you (Drambuie , Cider,Pernod, and mustard)Enjoy!

  71. Skip, daaaaling, but of course. My, don't you look handsome tonight!

    Oooo...you are so graceful on your feet...!!

  72. This is certainly the most opulent party I've ever been to, unless perhaps I was working at it.

    Red! How seductive.

    As my gift to you for this spectacular event, I will be performing a Japanese fan dance in the parlor. I have also brought you a few barrels of Sake.

  73. TFE, the wellies come in handy at the manor, but they're kinda hard to navigate around the dance floor. And I knew these large potted plants would come in handy tonight!

    Thank you, I love Drambuie, but I must admit, I've never mixed it with cider and mustard!

  74. Willow Dearest,

    Sorry about Miss Piggy! She's been hogging the buffet all evening but the ham quiche was just a bit much! I thought Betsy having noticed would forestall any further commotion! And I'm sure Linda must have been egging Piggy on with those chicken croquettes! Now if I can just get her on to the patio to admire the garden for a while, things may quieten down a little. Back for another dance soon!

  75. My dear Willow,

    What a divine party. I must say it rivals last year, *with the exception of the pig*. And darling, the red dress is absolutely smashing!

  76. If anyone would like to join me on the patio before Butternut Squash does her Japanese fan dance, I'll be happy to offer puffs from the "funny" cigarette that's attached to my 1930's cigarette holder.

    Yes? Yes!

  77. I say Willow old thing, I'm having the most divine time here. I do love your dress; I meant to say that when I arrived but I was quite dazzled by all the A- listers whirling past me doing the Dashing White Sergeant.

  78. Lynette, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't use the P-g word within Miss P's hearing! I'm only just getting her calmed down.

  79. Looks like a wonderful event. My curiosity drew me to have a look-see. My shyness, due to inexperience with such grand gala's, deters me from attending this year, but I shall do research on proper etiquette, and perhaps next time. Looks grand

  80. you look absolutely stunning willow, outshined in no way by your men. thanks for the strawberry, always adds just the right touch to the bubbly. and the desert....mmmm....hope you have a wonderful time....will drop by again in a bit. would ask you to dance, but forgot to put my bullet proof vest on under my tux. lol.

  81. Reya, I've been envying that cigarette holder all evening. Yes, come out to the patio and I'll take a puff or two! ;^)

  82. Oh, Brian, not to worry, Tony and Johnny, after a few drinks and dances with the sensational ladies, have completely become friends.

    Let's dance. I've been waiting to gaze into those gorgeous green eyes of yours all evening.

  83. Yep, that's me, peeking from behind the potted plant, drooling. I was out of town until today and just couldn't get my act together so that I could attend in proper attire. Oh well, you can always tell everyone I'm hired help!

  84. TFE ~ Maybe we can find you a fig leaf from under the cheese platter! LOL! It would be a shame to be stuck behind a potted plant all evening!

  85. What a gala! Douglas Adams and I popped in to grab some caviar and champagne. We are sitting at the top of the stairs watching all the crowd. Your dress is lovely, of course, and you and Tony make quite a couple. I saw Johnny D. sulking in the corner and I'm afraid he's going to make a scene if you don't dance the next with him.

  86. My Lord! I'm lost! Willow, this is spectacular. I feel soooo young here. Wow. Look, Sir Anthony is by the dessert table.

  87. This ball is so exciting. The Manor looks fabulous and all the eats and drinkies are sublime. What a fantastic guest list. So many fascinating people to get to know. Fred has kept me very busy with all the dancing and is looking forward to the moment when you ask him to perform the song "Funny Face." I was particularly thrilled to meet Elizabeth's date Oscar W. Such a quipper he is! Thank you so much for the flawless organization and just a note to tell you how much Fred and I appreciated the valet parking boys. I'm already thinking about who to invite for next year's ball!

  88. I see the party is already in full swing! How exciting. I'm drooling already at all the hotties I see in the room. Mr Depp on the steps nearly took my breath away as I came in the front door. He's so dreamy! I'm all a-flutter. Do you think I could borrow him for a little spin later today in that marvelous red convertible of his?

  89. Yes, TFE is causing quite a stir. Let's see if he'll slip into one of Roger Livesey's kilts. He's getting a tad bored behind the potted plants. Oh, but wait. I think Poetikat is back there with him!! Maybe he's not as bored as I thought.

  90. Willow, a toast to you. This is the party of the year!

  91. Thank you, lakeviewer! It is a smashing success, thanks to all my dear, dear bloggy friends! :D

  92. This is my third waltz round the comment box and you've not even noticed me Willow. Could it be my escort, Mr Everett, who is catching your eye?

  93. You caught us! It's not what you think though; we were just having a belt of Bushmill's and he was reciting some Seamus Heaney for my edification. What were YOU thinking?


  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Oops! I got me wars mixed up! (Must be this frightful concoction. Gag! ACK! Peadar, you told me that was the juice of the barley! Stuff tastes like a mustard gas in a glass.
    We could call it Up Yours Adolf!
    *Oh Jeeves! Another round of martinis over here pleeze!

  96. What is this TFE concoction, anyway? Gag, it's powerful. No wonder he's walking around in just his wellies.

    Here's Jeeves now, with some martini's to wash it down. Whew.

    And Johnny's been trying to feed me these strange libertine chocolates from the ninth gate. Are my eyes crossed yet?

  97. Charles and Camilla just polished off the last of that Drambuie concoction you brought Totalfeckineejit. Charles has collapsed in gales of laughter and Camilla has locked herself in the ladies room.

  98. Willow - you are stunning tonight! Do forgive me for also wearing red to the ball, but Sammy - being the Red Rocker and all - insisted. Isn't his hair wild? Milla Jovovich graciously let me borrow her beautiful Prada red velvet gown she wore to the American Museum of Natural History gala. http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/2-hot-2-handle/2779/7

    The ball is rocking now! I'm so thrilled to have made it this year.

  99. My apologies, FF, I'm feeling a bit tipsy. Yes, I love Rupert! We've been around the dance floor and he told me some charming stories. He really is quite elegant.

  100. I came from Jane at Gaston Studios. I love it here. Red is my favorite color ...

  101. I can't resist a man in a kilt either! I arrived a bit late, did you see me? You were busy kanoodling with someone handsome and I couldn't get over to you. I was detained a bit myself with John Cusack. I can't believe you invited him! What a nice surprise!
    BTW: Your dress was gorgeous!

  102. well this is all just fabulous. sorry i couldnt come as i have nothing to wear but a pair of torn and paint stained jeans and a raggedy sweater. Plus my hair is in witch mode. But I am enjoying seeing everyone elses lovely outfits and the fascinating guests.

  103. Hello Willow,

    What a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning...yes, it's still morning here in Connecticut, so I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for sharing your hospitality. I'm not sure exactly how this all works, for this is my first time attending such an event.

    I brought a pitcher of my homemade Mint Julep Iced Tea. Hope you like it....but please, do NOT operate heavy machinery after sipping it.

    I just read Dorci's comment...If Depp is here, I'm next in line for that dance!

  104. Oh, I'm so last minute about the whole ball thing.... that's the way things always seem to be at the CatLady's house. Now I must dash to see what I can dig up to wear to the ball!

  105. How about Tony and Richard Burton out in the bushes reciting "Under Milkwood" at the top of their voices? What a joy to see Dylan Thomas out there with them, giving them pointers on how to read the lines!

  106. whew! I almost didn't make it, but oh, my, I'm so glad I did! so many fabulous people and the music and food - and you look amazing! red is definitely your color! oh, I see Derrick and Miss Piggy, but don't dare ask for a dance - Miss Piggy does not share! well I have time for once around the dance floor - I'll grab Oscar from elizabeth and then I'm out! thanks Willow, it's been heaven :)

  107. I hope Mr.Ramsey did not hurt too badly your cooks. I think I pried him on time from one of their necks, can't remember who but he ran away screaming. It was fantastic dear Willow and you looked positively STUNNING.

  108. Oh.. Willow! I do believe I may be a little tipsy! Is there a chaise out in the evening garden on which I may lounge?

  109. I had hoped to arrive earlier, but some car trouble is keeping me away. However,George Clooney and I PROMISE to be there long before the last dance!

  110. Willow, this was the most enchanted of evenings! Hugh Jackman, my escort, and I had a wonderful time. We danced the night away, and had more than a little of your exceptional vintage champagne. The desserts where heavenly as Hugh and I took a moment out on the patio to enjoy the lights, the music, and all of the other fabulous dancers, to feed each other just a bite. Sir Anthony certainly looked like he was having a marvelous time, but Johnny clearly thought he was going to have your undivided attention, as he was a bit sulky on the stairs. Well dear, I know you are so busy chatting with all of your other guests, so ta ta for now.

  111. When I passed those shrubberies earlier, it was just Hopkins and Burton reciting the Milkwood in hushed tones. I guess they were getting drowned by the orchestra and Terfel's booming voice, and cranked up the volume.

    Now, where's that Dylan Thomas...I must have a nice long poetry chat...

  112. Hello Willow, so nice to finally meet you and I just knew that you and my partner Jenny Seagrove would hit it off. Such a charming dress and the colour suits you exactly. Here is a small gift from Harrods, a little something Jenny chose for you.
    A pleasant journey here from the airport with Firelight in her vintage Rolls Royce.
    Now I need a reviving G and T....such a sumptious ball.

  113. Oh I'm enjoying myself so much - this was a wonderful idea, willow and everywhere looks so very beautiful. I think I might have to have a lie down in a moment though - too many mint juleps and turns round the floor.

  114. Oh my, goodness. Is it the 13th already? I was going to be one of your waitstaff just so I could hear all the gossip.

    Now I feel like a peeping tom. You will have to banish me forever from Willow Manor.

    What a wonderful party I see going on through the window. I wish... Wait. Are those blue and red lights I see flashing?

    I hang my head in shame.

  115. Oh, your gown is lovely, my dear. And your guest list was divine. And what a wonderful roving photographer you have.

  116. Bertie keeps hounding me about the seance! He says old "Crappy" isn't going to wait forever to be summoned by that Danvers woman and can we get the crystal ball rolling?

  117. @Michael,
    A charming date you have there. I remember her from "Local Hero" and of course as Judge John Deed's main squeeze.

  118. Willow I'm really loving this funk/soul music set the band is playing. GREAT music to dance to.

    Check out Hammer's gold lame outfit. Wow. I'm about to get him away from his date, Kate Beckinsale, for a spin on the dance floor. I think I'll have to kick off my high heels for this one.

    Let's get funky y'all!

  119. Reya just happened to have a crystal ball in her handbag. Don't mind her, she's gettin' funky over there with Hammer. She won't mind if we borrow it for a few minutes. The dining room table is perfect. I'll dim the lights and let's get started...

  120. Michael, daaaling, you're finally here! You look so dashing in person, and are much taller than I expected. May I have this dance?

  121. Oh, and here's that G and T. Twist of lemon? Your charming accent is driving me mad.

  122. Patty, you silly, get on in here! Hey, TFE is wearing only his wellies. You can wear whatever you like!

    Johnny Depp saw you through the window and is begging a dance!

  123. Willow, I see that TFE has arrived. I confess, I was just a bit scandalized when he told me his plans. That little scamp! Perhaps one of your guests has a spare kilt he could lend? Liam Neeson usually carries a spare.

    Colin and I are quite breathless, having joined the Scottish Reel group for a turn around the floor. I think perhaps we'll wander over to Kitty Mangleword's divan and sample the martinis.

  124. Oh Willow! I wish i could attend such a glamorours, cyberlicious party! If only my time could have matched! Seems like i missed a lot of this satellite-blog-party! Next time Im gonna go for a night out to get to this ball! ;)

  125. Of course you may Willow, the dance floor is ours, such an honour to dance with you. I see that Jenny and Sir Tony are talking shop....my spats are at your disposal.

  126. I enjoyed the ball enormously - the farmer excelled himself with dancing (probably due to all the champagne he drank he lost all his inhibitions) and I felt a million dollars with my eighteen inch waist firmly back in place. And Derrick had managed to keep the tango for me - I thought he looked very debonair in his bow tie. I'm pretty sure I outshone Miss Piggy - and my goodness that takes some doing! Thanks for a wonderful evening - must go now before the clock strikes midnight otherwise my waist will return to its normal size with disastrous results to the LBD.

  127. I hope I don't scuff those beautiful spats. I don't dance all that often and am known to step on a toe or two...but ever so lightly, of course! Devine dancing partner, that you are, I'm sure you'll guide me around the floor exquisitely.

  128. Weaver, speaking of Derrick's bow tie, where is he? I forgot to see which one he chose for the evening. I did notice you and he were doing a MEAN tango!!

  129. How exciting! I didn't even know there was a ball going on in blogland until I stopped by QMA. You know such interesting people. I just love Johnny Depp! Your gown is so beautiful. What a grand time I have had. Thank you so much for inviting me.

  130. Willow, excuse me, excuse me. I wanted to let you know that Mr. Crown's dune buggy has arrived and he'd be honored to give the lady of the manor the first ride. Then of course all the other ladies may get in line for a ride they won't soon forget.

    And by the way, any damage done to plant life Mr. Crown has promised will be repaired before dawn tomorrow. He has a staff on call to repair dune buggy damage.

    And I would recommend holding onto your jewels because it's going to be a bumpy ride!

  131. There you are Willow! How nice to finally meet you. The manor is even more grand and elegant than I'd expected, and the guests are all so lively and charming - we've been having the most womderful time getting to know everyone! I do hope the band will play Van Morrison's Moon Dance this evening - perfect for October skies.

  132. Now how do I get there? Is it second star to the right?

  133. Dear Willow, How kind of you to let me come!
    Fairy Lanterns came along to light the way, and "Hand in hand with fairy grace, will we sing and bless this place" before we depart at dawn.

  134. Well, it's been great! It really has. And you dance a wonderful foxtrot Willow. We could win Strictly Come Dancing if you wish.

    Anyway, I have to go, my flight to Heathrow leaves in 50 minutes and I must dash.

    au revoir,

  135. I am so jealous that Johnny had eyes for only you! Of course, your gown, shoes and jewels just dazzled the place! What a wonderful hostess! A toast to you!

  136. Well I suppose I'll be fashionably late, but Alan Rickman and his driver are picking me up later - after I dash home and slip into the vintage Ginger Rogers gown I managed to score last week(feathers, the one she wore in the Cheek to Cheek number, you know the one). Don't tell Alan (or anyone else, particularly Ginger Rogers fans) that I have two left feet! I'm counting on the dress to pass on magical powers of the foot!

  137. Oh dear. I feel like Cinderella, the cinders version. (I'm not wearing rags, but something awfully close to it compared with your fabulous red satin dress and accessories.)

    It's been a dreary, horrible week -- but peeking in at the ball is like delicious window shopping. Thanks, Willow!

  138. I followed the line of people...hope you don't mind a crasher! :) Fabulous dress and the shoes are killer! :) What a lovely event!

  139. Ahhhh, I'm fairly exhausted after drinking myself to oblivion and back to sobriety in the space of a long, glorious day. Willow, you dance divinely, and that gown was certainly a head-turner. When you and I danced, both Tony and Johnny were glaring at us... At least, that's what I was told later. During the dance itself, I couldn't take my eyes from you.

    I'm just now scanning the others' blogs, wondering how much I missed while engaging in my own antics.

  140. thanks for the dance willow, as graceful as a swan in flight.

    a quick note subby gave me, computer problems, he will be terribly late.

  141. Oh Willow. I wanted so much to be there tonight. But you know how busy my work schedule can be, especially this time of year. Give the Mr Beautiful Johnny Depp my love. I have already scheduled next years ball on my calender. Be assured I will NOT miss that one! I hope you have a night to remember!

  142. So, Willow, as I'm sure you noticed, the classic thing happened to me. In comes Jenny in the same Ginger Rogers feather frock that I had created for me. What to do? Short of having a catfight to spoil the evening, that is. I decided to slip out and change into my Mary Quant vintage miniskirt. Popped one of Vidal's early 60's wigs on, tossed off the dainty dancing shoes and into my Courreges boots. Now I feel more like myself...Fred is a bit non-plussed, but I told him to go and find other partners in more suitable attire to have some dancing fun with. I think Sir Anthony appreciated my change of costume as came zooming over to ask me to dance with him. Tony, you rock! Oh and Max, you rock too! Who knew that you would be able to quickly give me Twiggy fake lashes to change my makeup from 30's to 60s? Mod to the max! More champagne for me, I think. Or maybe it's time for that strong cuppa coffee.

  143. This is the best party ever, Willow!!!! I had a few dances with Patty now that she finally showed up. The power here has gone off twice. You know the last eastern seaboard blackout started in Ohio. I hope your power lasts throughout. HRH was a little miffed, but what can you do? I want to have a few go rounds with Weaver before she leaves.

  144. I feel awful I had so looked forward to the ball and now everything is a mess.

    I had asked Rue Mcclanahan -- whom I have been seeing fairly regularly -- to accompany me, and then completely forgot to go pick her up. She was furious! It will be a long time before this blows over.

    And I had hoped to introduce a new dance step I just learned called the Turkey Trot. Oh well, maybe next year.

  145. Willow I think the paparazzi are gathering out on the street. It was bound to happen, of course! These things can't be kept secret.

    BTW I hope you have booked a massage for yourself for tomorrow. I had no idea you could move like that on the dance floor. Wow!

    Anyone who would like a crystal ball reading, meet me in the library.

  146. A night to remember Willow! My motley crew behaved and were so taken by your beautiful red gown...you were a vision! The buffet was to be remembered except of course Miss Piggy and her pink gloves(off-putting)I am writing this from a Day Spa, I needed care for my feet and a little de-tox...I drank something with a ghastly aftertaste. Your staff packed up our desserts with a thermos of coffee and we moved slowly away at dawn from the still starlit Manor. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!

  147. Berowne, forget Rue. Come, you can do the Turkey Trot with me, daaaling!

  148. Linda, the power really did go out, once here at the Manor in a real life, 3-D party. It was even more charming and romantic by candlelight!

  149. Reya, Poetikat and her crew were keen on the crystal ball. I'll let her know you're waiting in the library!

  150. Hey, Subby, what a terrible day to have technical problems, but I've been to your place and met the lovely Powell and Loy duo! Do stop by later, if you can, we'll be dancing here til dawn, dear friend.

  151. Subby, I removed a virus from my computer today! (REALLY!) Busy, busy Silver Fox!

    And Willow, about the perfume: It was a specially-made scent, just for you? No wonder I couldn't link it with anyone in my sordid past!

  152. My apologies to the masses who not only attended the ball, but also stopped by my humble abode. While preparations were being made and decorations were being hung, I fear I came down with the plague! Serious as it is, I felt I must apologize to all you wonderful souls. I do so regret the terrible timing of this affliction! Please grant me your leave to attend next years fantastic function. Willow, your gown, shoes, jewels and your men are all decadent! I fear our tastes run along the same lines.

  153. Well, Willow, if this isn't just the most opulent, most swellegant party of all time.Congratulations on the beautiful setting, the fabulous decor, the exquisite food, copious champers and beguiling guest list.I was just talking to te designer Vivienne Westwood and she assures me that bare chest ,kilt and wellos are de riguer for the handsome man around town this Autmn, so I was delighted.
    Also , was that really Kat behind the pot plants? I can't see a thing without my glasses and thought I was getting the DT's when an Aspidistra started to talk to me about Seamus Heaney.Well ,plant or Kat, either way we had a grand time and did a bit of a Highland Fling.Unfortunately my Fling flung my wello across the dance floor towards the sofas and hit Lady Ponsonby-Smythe on the back of the head.Imagine my embarrassment!Luckily the old bat has been blind since she tripped over a corgi at a Buckingham Palace garden party in 1985.I say 'luckily' not because of her affliction but due to the miraculous effect of the flying boot which restored her Ladyship's sight on impact! She was overcome with joy and has invited me and all the family to spend Christmas at Bartyfartington Hall.I can't wait.
    Must dash now Willow, Angelina Jolie is begging me for another dance .Toodle pip!

  154. Hello, I say shyly, to you. I'm a little overwhelmed to be included in your extravaganza affair. (curtsy) I do hope you don't mind that I told Anthony Bourdain about the party and he has slipped into the kitchen with some amazing recipes. I'm going to say hello to Reya in the library, and since I have 4 dancers along, I'll be spending my evening on the dance floor. Please stop by my room as I brought along a hostess gift and don't want it to get lost. You are celebrating a birthday this month, correct?

  155. Wait ~ count me in on the crystal ball...I want to have a look at my future!

    I've been wondering if I stand on the stairway, if one of the ghosts might come by and have a chat! None so far....but I did one blow on my neck! Maybe he's a shy one? hee!

  156. Wow so many comments! I'll have to come back and check out the patrons, it was all a swirl! Great fun though.

  157. Oh Willow, this my first visit to the manor. Will you have time to give me a tour? The music is divine, may I request Some Enchanted Evening one more time? Mr. Sam Elliott and I were running a bit late due to the carriage backup down the lane. Now where is that champagne?

  158. TFE, I was a bit frightened when your wellie flew across a crowded room and whacked the sight back into her ladyship's eyes. But all's well that end's well.

    Actually, you had so much of that Drambuie mustard brew, you didn't realize it was actually me with you behind the Aspidistra. I didn't realize how versed you are on Seamus Heaney!! ((sigh))

  159. Oh, my! My head is just spinning with all the excitement! The gowns, the jewels, the buffet, the music, the moonlight on the terrace... heavenly!

  160. OK. The crystal has gone dark. Everyone who wanted a reading (I think) has received the wisdom of the crystal which is, in essence, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS AND INTUITION. YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. OK?

    Make a wish, all of y'all. Everything is possible tonight!

    And now, I'm off for more champagne and dancing. My guess is I'll be one of the last to leave.

  161. Jane, I adore that Mary Quaint/Twiggy mod look. That just might have to be my next party theme, white go-go boots and all!

  162. Willow, you are the hostess with the mostess, I thought it would be impossible to improve upon last year’s event but you surprised us all once more.

    I particularly enjoyed the singing by the chorus from the Metropolitan Opera house. However did you manage to accommodate two orchestras?

  163. Betsy, that was no ghost... and I'm hardly shy!

  164. LOL--Willow, this is a riot. You outdid yourself. Hope you warned the neighbors so that the town could leave enough parking spaces for all this hoopla. Or--were you flying them all in to the Manor grounds by helicopter? LOVE those earrings and that fabulous necklace. Gorgeous. AND the shoes. killer.

  165. ps
    AND the dress. Lady in Red. It's a good thing.

  166. Willow your party was absolutly wonderful! I had to make sure my mouth was not hanging open at the absolute splendor of the Manor. You looked gorgeous in your dress! I'm sure I'll have dreams tonight about the dlectable feast we were served. You are a most gracious hostess, but my energy is completely spent so I'll say goodnight....

  167. Reya, that is terrific news from the crystal ball. I'm glad you didn't see one of the manor ghosts, instead.

    Mr. Fox admits it was he, not one of the resident ghosts, who has been blowing on the backs of the ladies' necks.

  168. oh Willow, it was my first time at the ball and here in Australia, the clock has struck midnight.. so I must come back to Earth.. but the magick still lives on ... my head is spinning with just looking at everything that was going on.. dancing and twirling like a whirling dervish all night!

  169. Willow, excuse me for a few minutes, will you darling? I'm going to fuel up, and preflight "SnL One," the new name for the plane, that's parked on the 3000' runway, that you nicely built for us on your front lawn...

  170. Woooooosh.....whew...Mike Rowe and I finally made it. We just fast-roped down from his helicopter. His shooting schedule is just too hectic. I am afraid he really is dressed merely in a pair of shorts...perchance he and the fellow wearing only a pair of wellies will get along quite well.

    Willow, you have just outdone yourself! Such a fabulous gathering. I must say that Mr. Depp looked quite dashing in his convertible.

    I must go now and mingle while there is still some time left. I have champagne and dancing waiting for me. Mike is whispering in my ear.....

  171. So sorry, Reya! I fear I was all overcome with so many martinis and TFE's *tasty* concoction. I had a little nap and am ready to have the reading done. Bertie's a bit disappointed that he won't be able to conjure up old Colonel Plimsole, but Jeeves is reasoning with him and I'm sure pretty soon he'll be back to droning on about his club.
    So...do tell what you see in that ball of yours. Will I walk again?

  172. Mr. Cuban, before I forget, I want to thank you for all your marvelous musical choices. Thanks for stopping by the ball. You really ARE the best dancer here tonight, dear friend. ~xx

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. TFE!!! Can you get me and Bertie an invite down to Bartyfartington Hall? That way, I won't have to do the Christmas Eve dinner I signed on for. It's the ideal excuse! Be a love and put a bug in Ponsonby-Smythe's ear, will you?

  175. Sorry to have to pop out so often but glad to see Juliette enjoying Hopkin's stories. In fact I can't even find her in this mass of peeps.

    And what's this I hear about Diaz being dumped? Oh well.

    I;m so glad for than candle light--=who cares if the electricity has been intermittent? If it gets cold we'll all have to dance some more. ...But Willow, you must be pooped, the line of suitors to dance with the hostess stretches out to the door.

    I've decided then to hang tight in the kitchen. No worries, I've replenished the biccies with chocolte digestives...and Betsy has helped me find the sugar and tea cups. I;m planning to put my feet up and have a nice chat with whoever decides to do likewise in your cozy warm kitchen. Lovely. I really needed a break from the no t so routine routine as of late. Thank you again for the invite. How dashing and elegant everyone looks. ...well except for Don Knotts! but his humour sure makes up for it. LOL.

  176. Ooh, how fabulous! I very much approve of your date. He looks spiffy as usual!

  177. Willow, I'm not too late, am I?
    Colin (Firth) agreed to accompany me, but then at the last minute he telephoned to ask me to meet him here. It took ages for my taxi to arrive, but I'm here now.
    I'm a little suspicious, but as he's only a friend, I don't want to make too much of a fuss.
    I know that Alaine has had her eye on him for quite a while now, is she here tonight?
    I must say, Willow, you look stunning in your YSL gown- I knew you'd wear something special.
    And the Manor is exquisitely decorated- you have such a lovely touch, and so welcoming!
    Now, where did you say that champagne was? Ok, see you later.

  178. It is just so dreamy here...the soft pools of light, the rustle of skirts across the dance floor, the little clinks of glasses knocked gently in toast--

    Thank you so much to the gracious Willow!

  179. Willow, my date and I arrived and had a wonderful time. I've left a memento of our visit here. Thanks so much for the invitation, and I hope we didn't trash the Manor too badly!

  180. Thank you so much for a fabulous evening Willow, you shone and we guests were in awe of our wonderful host.
    May I offer my services as chief bacon roll maker for those staying to an early breakfast?
    We Brits just don't know when to quit....laughing.

  181. Oh, yes, thank you, Michael, please do stay and help with the brunch. Mmm, bacon rolls sound devine!!

  182. Wow, nice place you've got here. Or it looks like it once was, before the party. Always wanted to visit it.
    Haven't had time to meet everybody but am THRILLED that both Liam Neeson and Dylan Thomas are on the scene.
    The handsome young man on my arm (literally) is my oldest, Little D. His favorite song and dance is "Bounce Along" from Musik Garten. His brother JM couldn't make it, but since this is a fantasy evening, JM won't need me for a full four hours!

  183. I'm so happy to finally be here. The place looks beautiful, and SO many people! May I introduce George Clooney, my escort for the evening?

  184. To Willow,
    (singing) For she's a jolly, good fellow,
    For she's a jolly, good fellow
    (other merrymakers join in)
    "For she's a jolly, good fellow, which nobody can deny. Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny. For she's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny!" Ha, ha, ha!!!!

  185. Holy Crap!! I am 185!!! LMAO! I am fashionably late, me and Bambi were getting....... oh well, nevermind!! LOL! Got any sicilian pizza, and some Alice in Chains for me to listen to? :))

  186. Ooh, I hope Maureen and I are not too late - it's a long way from Camelopardalis constellation, and the bus got stuck for a while in the secret portal!

    The Manor looks wonderful and your outfit stunning. We're looking around at the bloggy friends we know, and I've just noticed those yummy desserts! But a dance first!

  187. Willow, I've spoken with Skip, and if you still want that plane ride... [spots several other anxious-looking party guests] Okay, everyone who wants a ride, come along: http://simpsonlynch.blogspot.com/2009/10/flight-at-willow-manor.html

    But it'll only be a little jaunt...

  188. I`ll help Michael do his bacon rolls and bring 300 petits four, or how many guests do you think will stay for brunch? It was such a divine ball, Willow, and I loved Reya`s crystal ball-wisdom! Now I`ll make myself useful and try to find the kitchen. What a manor!!

  189. Just a moment there Mr. Depp! I think it's time to rescue Star from the glorious occasion. She and I have something more intimate planned for the balance of the evening. Sorry to spoil your fun but she's with me. Better luck next time....

  190. Willow had suggested she'd like to take a ride in our plane, the "SnL One." Gather up your cocktails, and goodies and join us on the runway. (We also have a fully stocked bar onboard.)


  191. Hey, guys wait for me! *running toward SnL One, carrying Jimmy Choo heels in left hand*

  192. Awww. Linda, thank you, dear friend. This is so much fun, isn't it?!

  193. Willow, I have to say this is the best party I've been at for a long time! Even though Colin has disappeared again!
    Now, was that Pearse Brosnan I saw over there? I might just ditch Colin, he can find his own way home!

  194. I'm going to make some near famous once a year mulled wine whilst you lot take off. It will be ready upon your return. Should warm you for another round of dancing and hobnobbing.

  195. I can't find Mr. Brosnan anywhere. And a nasty rumor has surfaced that Phil Ivy and Daniel Negreanu were having a small poker party in a back room with cigars and expensive scotch. I am going to investigate, and perhaps, play a hand or two. Willow, my goodness, did you put in a swimming pool? Oh my! Look who's swimming in there? Tsk tsk, and no suits...

  196. That was really awesome Willow!Well done!Sorry I didn't attempt but my heart was with you!

  197. I will be calling in later.
    My dress was going to be red until I saw that you are wearing red so at the moment I'm trying to decide between an Elie Saab black gown or a Valentino pale number,

    This is so exciting. See you later and if I do get lost in the crowd, know I was there!

  198. Well Willow, Sheldon Souray and I had a wonderful time. He has a few days off, he suffered a concussion in a hockey game the other night (true fact). He looked gorgeous in his tux, don't you think? The food was wonderful, especially the smoked salmon with the creme fraiche, not to mention the foie gras, it was absolutely divine. Loved the bubbly and how thoughtful of you, how could you possibly know Veuve Clicquot is my favorite? You were a wonderful hostess and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Can't wait for next year!


  199. well willow - lovely place you've got here . . . oh and thanks for the champagne - i'm drinking rusty nails tonight . . . kind of a throwback night . . . i brought two dates tonight - genevieve bujold and nastassja kinski - both astonishingly beautiful as you can see, both well read, both clever and through one of those lovely circumstances of exquisite synchronicity both laughed when i said that we were going out to a dance . . . "oh that's not why we're coming with you steven!" bubbled genevieve. "stop being so silly!" giggled nastassja. so sweetheart thanks again for the invite squeeze in a dance for me later will ya.


  200. Ah, I came over for a brief rest. I'm not so young to go prancing around the dance floor like I used to. What a wonderful gala affair you've put on again this year Willow. Heads will certainly be turning. My place is dressed up.


Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
― O. Henry (and me)