Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Okay, time for another meme. I've been tagged by StevieWren
(A Little Birdie Told Me So) to list seven random/weird things
about myself. So, here goes:

1. I love taxidermy, especially fowl and fish, and own several pieces,
including a large brown rooster. At holiday family gatherings,
everyone likes to have their picture taken with him. Above
is a photo of Bachelor at Wellington and Rooster taken last

2. I have always wanted to play the accordion, but never owned
one, much less learned to play. I would love to play on holidays
while everyone is happy and having their portraits made
with Rooster. (Okay, Bill, I know you are rolling your eyes at
this point.)

3. I hate mimes. I know it is an art form and Marcel Marceau was
extremely talented, but I just can't stand them. I find them very

4. I love to be cold in the summer or winter. I keep the house at
68 degrees year round. I hate to sweat and would love to move
anywhere north. The farther north, the better. (Susan, I am so
envious of Nova Scotia.) I guess I am just a turtleneck kind of girl.

5. I am very particular about what I sleep in. I love 100% cotton,
men's style pajamas. I love the crisp, clean feeling and I think
they are so Gwenyth Paltrow. I also like to find the cool spot
on my pillow before I can get to sleep.

6. I am fastidious about my feet. They are always nicely manicured
with classic red nail polish. But, on the other hand, I bite my

7. I constantly make up little ditties and sing them to well known
tunes and drive everyone around me nuts.

So, there you have it. Seven of my oddities, for what it's worth. And
now I am tagging Betsy (My Five Men), Bachelor (Bachelor at
Wellington) and Bill (Just A Moment).


  1. Willow, I think a good caption for that photo is that old saying "Nobody here but us chickens!"

    B.A.W. looks like he's having a rootin' tootin' time!

    I was amused by your quirks. I too pay more attention to the feet than the hands...hmmmmm.

    I'm with you on the mimes....they is just creepy! You want to shake them and say "Speak already!"

    Taxidermy?....Hmmmmm, well, I suppose it suits the character and atmosphere of the Manor, and that chicken *does* look quite lifelike...

    Fun post!

  2. Ok! I'll join in on the fun! Thanks for picking me (or picking ON me?) ha-ha. I must say after reading your 7 things that I am busy psycho-analyzing you! fun-fun! And for being sisters...interesting that I like my fingernails long, can't stand red nail polish on my toes, and really,really hate accordians! tee-hee! And we thought we were so alike! I do, on the other hand, love your taxidermy things and would love to have an owl of my own. And I do agree that mimes are weird!

  3. This is interesting stuff! What other stuffed animals do you have? Where do you keep them? Are any in your bedroom 'cause I couldn't sleep with that around, I don't think.

    Do you think this could be what keeps your ghost roaming around all night????

    I don't like to sweat either...ugh!
    My dream vacation spot would be Scandinavia.

    I actually have always dreamed of being tall and willowy like Gwyneth, but I've never given much thought to her sleeping apparel.

    Nice post : )

  4. Stevie, Scandinava...yes...let's go!

    I have a pheasant, two fish, and a squirrel in addition to the rooster. They're all friendly and I don't think that's bothering the ghost!

    Betsy, yes, I need a beautiful owl for my collection!

  5. You have a squirrel? Where was that last time I was at the manor??

  6. Gwenyth Paltrow probably never wears men's style pj's in reality...only in films. :)

  7. The squirrel is back in WT's office. I should rescue him from back there and put him somewhere fun.

  8. Oh my goodness. I've been labeled for sure now. My Zodiac sign is the Sagittarius Rooster so I guess from the picture I'm right at home. Everyone can tell what great times we have at Willow Manor. It shouldn't take me long to find my 7 "I've been tagged weird/quirky things about myself". Come and visit. Also visit Betsy and Bill.... Thanks Willow for listings those funny things about you! You're too cool! No pun intended :)

  9. Willow, it's done. See left side column on my blog.

  10. I love Rooster!! That little dude is so neat!! And I think it is hilarious that everyone gets pictures with him at family gatherings!! Where did you get him?
    Yeah mimes=creepy. And I walk around the house and make up songs about my dogs to sing to my dogs. I usually sing in a really loud opera voice and drive Brent Boy nuts, but the dogs love it!!
    We've all got our quirks, and that is what makes us well us!!

  11. Willow...I'm having lots of fun reading all these quirky things..Love your sense of humor..

  12. Oh my goodness. I found you through Lavinia and am glad I did. I feel transported somehow. I just let out a huge exhale. That means something.

    I love your blog. I haven't read all, but enough to know I love it. I'd live in your cottage, ghost and all, in an instant! Unfortunately, you'd have to move out (well of course I'm laughing!). I'll come back at a later date and read everything. It's that interesting!

    I actually stopped by to find out about my dreams. Someone mentioned you have a dream encyclopedia. If you have time please go to Lavinia's comment page and help me out!!!

    Talk to you soon,
    XO Suzanne

  13. Hi Suzanne, nice to meet you! Yes, I have a dream encyclopedia. My daughter got me started on interpreting my dreams a few years ago. It is fascinating and so helpful. I'm heading over to Lavinia's right now...

  14. Hee hee.... that was very interesting. I would never have guessed about the taxidermy. I heartily approved of the glamourous red toenails. :)

  15. Hi willow

    Interesting facts about yourself that I never would have guessed, especially Taxidermy! Would you taxidermy a beloved pet that passed away? I don't know if I could do that, but I ahve to admit the rooster is fine looking! :-)

    I love to be warm in the winter and cold in the summer ... the paradox of my life!

  16. Or "polo necks" as the case may be!

    That is so funny--I totally agree with number 3 and 4. I've always found mimes incredibly silly, bordering on "annoying" (as you say) and can't stand the heat and also hate to sweat!! (Nova Scotia or somewhere else very North feels so enticing to me, especially on those awful hot July/August days!

  17. My father-in-law is a retired taxidermist. We have a plethora of dead animals. I'm going to start taking family photos with the beasts.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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